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Posture, Core and Breathwork

What Will you learn?

  • Start with the essentials of posture, core and breathwork with an anatomical overview.

  • Learn the mechanics of respiration and how the interconnectedness of our body systems.

  • Discover neuromobilizations and how the nervous system impacts our well-being.

  • Learn assessments, corrective exercises and exercise regimes to help correct imbalances and improve health.

  • Includes a bonus set of posture tips you can do everyday

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By Wolfmoon Wellness

with 20+ years of real world experience


Approved for 17 credit hours of continuing education with


Approved for continuing ed credits with the NY State Massage Therapy Board

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What to Expect In the course

  • You'll watch videos that will guide you through every step of the process

  • You'll test your knowledge with quizzes after course lessons

  • You'll be supplied with easy-to-read text backed by cited sources.

  • You'll acquire a bibliography of dozens of published works, the cornerstone resources of your field's knowledge base.

  • You'll Complete just 7 lessons to earn your credit hours

  • You'll gain an in-depth professional knowledge of posture, core and breathwork with which you can better assess and help your clients.

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Perfect for Those Seeking Careers in Personal Training, Physical Therapy, Healthcare, wellness coaching, sports medicine and more.

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  • Credits on your schedule

    Earn 17 credit hours with ACSM, NSCA, AFAA, NASM, or ACE with our asynchronous modular program.

  • Affordable

    We keep students in mind by keeping your cost per credit hour low.

  • Learn from working professionals

    Wolfmoon Wellness brings together decades of combined experience in Posture, Core and Breathwork.

  • More than textbook knowledge

    Coursework crafted from real-life client experiences.

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What do our graduates think?

“The posture assessments have helped me pinpoint musculoskeletal imbalances in my clients that I probably wouldn't even have noticed in the past. I personally do the stretches and mobilizations as part of my own self-care routine …I’m 42 years old and I can still keep up with the guys in their twenties. Props to PCB”


Morgan S, LAc.

“…I initially came to John seeking help for my postural problems and muscular insufficiencies that were causing pain symptoms and joint dysfunction in my day to day life. He got me setup on his programs and I started feeling a difference almost immediately …I’ve found that the level of detail John goes into in his videos has taken my understanding of the body to new heights.”


Joseph Merz, licensed massage therapist

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