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Your Initial Consultation

Please wear shorts or yoga pants and a tank top to your first appointment

Dietary & LifeStyle Questionnaire We've designed our own screening tool to individually help each one of our clients unlock any dietary and lifestyle barriers that are preventing them from living a healthy, pain free life. In this questionnaire, we will uncover your current diet and lifestyle habits and analyze them together through some basic questions.

Medical Par-Q We will discuss any medical conditions, injuries or general concerns you currently have or have had.

Client Goal Discussion The client will have the opportunity to reveal their health/ fitness related goals. They also have this opportunity to discuss their future ambitions such as: improving their yoga practice, running a marathon pain free, improving their golf game ect.

Posture Analysis We will be measuring such things as: Forward Head Posture, First Rib Angle, Angle of Pelvic Tilt, Spinal Curves, Range of Motion Assessments Etc. These measurements along with a Plumb Line Posture Assessment, will reveal many things, such as: mobility restricitions, muscular deficits, imbalances, movement pattern issues ect. In other words, it will give me a good idea of what im working with, how I can address these specific issues and what is most likely causing you pain. Not everyone is the same so issues will vary from person to person.

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Coaching by John Laznovsky

Using his background in Kinesiology (the study of the mechanics of human movement), Posture Analysis, Rehabilitative Exercise and Advanced Therapeutic Studies, John and his team of practitioners specialize in treating pain and dysfunction.

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What is neuromuscular therapy?

Neuro- (nerve) Muscular- (muscle) Therapy (NMT) or Trigger Point Therapy is a series of clinical techniques...

Read more/less...based upon Janet Travell and David Simons work. NMT is designed to treat and release trigger points, restricted fascia (connective tissue), entrapped nerves and relieve pain and disfunction. Travell estimated that up to 90% or more of pain associated complaints may be trigger point related.

What is a trigger point?

A trigger point is generally defined as a hyper- irritable nodule or taut band within a muscle that tends to refer pain...

Read more/less...or sensation to other areas of the body. The classic, "knot in the muscle" is probably a trigger point. Trigger points tend to refer along the acupuncture channels or meridians, indicating a direct correlation between trigger point formation and disfunction within a specific acupuncture channel.

What is Osteo-articular pumping?

Osteo- (bone) Articular (joint) Pumping (moving fluid) is a gentle osteopathic technique that works on soft tissues...

Read more/less...such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, bursae and synovial membranes. The therapist maintains (pumps) fluid along a certain gradient by utilizing muscle contraction and at first, blocking and then following the natural movement of the joint. Adhesions in restricted fascia and muscle tissue, which can decrease the natural range of motion of the joint, are usually synonymous with areas of chronic pain and inflammation, marked by reduced circulation of blood and lymph, which slows or in some cases, halts the healing process. Pumping fluid into these areas can aid healing, reduce pain levels and the associated inflammation and restore normal range of motion back to the joint. It is not an adjustment or a joint manipulation.

What is Myofascial Stretching and Release?

Myo- (muscle) Fascial- (connective tissue) Release and Stretching are gentle hands on techniques that work by...

Read more/less...applying steady, prolonged pressure or Creep, to release any restrictions in the muscle and fascia that may be impairing range of motion or causing pain and disfunction. Fascia, a connective tissue found throughout the body, is designed for supporting muscles, organs and glands. It is the link between muscles, promoting communication (along with the nervous system), fluid exchange, protection, stability etc. The Acupuncture Meridians are thought to run through certain fluid channels in the fascia. As many sources say, healthy fascia equals a healthy person.

Why is Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice Pertinent to My Pain Therapy and Rehab Program?

As you probably know, everything in your body is made up of cells; these cells require a constant supply of hydration...

Read more/less...and nutrients to properly maintain homeostasis in the body. Therefore, everything that is you, such as: your hair, skin, nails, organs, muscles, fascia, bones, tendons, ligaments Etc., is constructed from the foods that you eat and the amount of water that you drink. In other words, if you aren't getting the proper nutrition that your body demands, your hair, skin, nails, organs, muscles, fascia, bones, tendons and ligaments will all be deficient and compromised and you will most likely have inflammation in these areas. Inflammation is a precursor to pain and dis-ease. On top of that, certain foods can be inflammatory, exacerbating and in some cases, causing pain and inflammation. In our program, we will be discussing different changes you can make to avoid any excess inflammation in your body.

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Subsequent Visits

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

We will be giving you information on your diet and lifestyle that will bring your body to a greater state of health and wellness and reduce and eliminate inflammation that is creating pain and discomfort. This is also the time to bring your questions to the table.

Client Summary

The client will have the opportunity to reveal their health/ fitness related goals. They also have this opportunity to discuss their future ambitions such as: improving their yoga practice, running a marathon pain free, improving their golf game ect.

The Treatment

Using a combination of stretches, mobilizations and conditioning exercises we will begin to bring your body back into balance.

Rehab/ Conditioning Program

I create a personalized program for each client based upon the information unveiled in the assessment to fix any issues uncovered and most importantly, get you out of pain! Each program is designed to mobilize tight areas, strengthen weak areas and bring the body back into balance. These programs are created with your goals in mind, whether you want to lose weight or improve your golf swing. You will learn important techniques that will use between sessions to achieve quicker results and empower you to become your own source of healing. Remember compliance is key! No program will work if you don't do it!.