Breathe a Sigh of Relief: How Fixing Your Posture Helps Respiration

Breathe a Sigh of Relief: How Fixing Your Posture Helps Respiration

The fact that having bad posture isn’t great for your body isn’t anything new. Bad posture has become one of America’s largest health issues. Sitting for long periods of time at your desk at work or your home office has adverse effects on your health, both in the short term and long term.

Why Reduced Lung Function Becomes a Problem

By hunching or slouching too much, your lung capacity is impacted directly. This impact creates issues for other organs and tissue in the body, reducing the amount of oxygen delivered to these tissues. This can lead to shortness of breath, fatigue, cloudy thinking, and even heart disease down the road.

By rounding your shoulders and tilting your head forward, you’re causing the muscles around your neck and chest cavity to tighten, and the rib cage is pushed downward. This compresses the abdomen and limits your rib cage’s ability to expand, leading you to take shallower, more rapid breaths.

These more rapid breaths don’t allow you to fully inhale, preventing your lungs from fully inflating with oxygen-rich air. Exhalation becomes impaired as well, leading to a buildup carbon dioxide and other toxins in your system.

How Poor Posture Changes Your Breathing Patterns

There are two main ways to breathe, the first is by using your diaphragm properly to perform “belly breathing”, or through the improper use of the diaphragm by breathing from your chest, using the muscles around your neck, collarbone, and upper chest area. This is known as an inverted breathing pattern.

Belly breathing is the proper way to breathe. As you inhale, the diaphragm should move inferiorly and the breath travels downward, allowing your lungs to inflate fully. However, breathing from your chest requires the diaphragm to travel upward and the entire rib cage to be lifted upward upon inhalation. This can cause shallow or labored breathing because you’re relying on your weaker, secondary respiratory muscles in your neck and chest to help perform most of the work rather than the diaphragm.

What You Can Do Today to Change Your Posture Habits

If you’re struggling with ongoing mild to moderate neck and/or shoulder and/or upper back and chest pain, plus have sore and stiff neck muscles, research has shown that it is a very common sign that those same people have issues using their lungs and respiratory system.

Obviously, don’t quit your job because you slouch at your desk. Not to mention, it can be quite difficult to always monitor your breathing and posture. Wolf Moon Wellness not only understands this, but has designed its Posture, Core, And Breathwork Course to provide you with every source of knowledge, training videos and corrective exercises, to avoid pain and discomfort while improving your posture and respiratory system.

Curious to see what this course has to offer?

Curious to see what this course has to offer? 

Learn about the essentials of posture, core and breath work. 

About Wolf Moon Wellness

John Laznovsky is co-owner of Wolf Wellness, a successful wellness center located in Holbrook NY that offers various holistic health care modalities. John himself has multiple degrees and certifications. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and Kinesiology from Cortland University and is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist. John is certified by the American College of Sports and Medicine, the CHEK Institute and Precision Nutrition.

Mary is a Licensed Acupuncturist and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach who has been busy in private and clinical practice since graduating from New York College in April 2010. Mary values Eastern Medicine because she believes it is a truly holistic healing practice which incorporates a synchronicity between the body and the mind. She works with her patients building a postive and healthy environment for an optimal healing process. Mary's methods work to treat the body as a whole, seeking out the root of a disease in addition to alleviating the symptoms. She has studied with many experts in the fields of Acupuncture, Tui Na and Qi Gong. Mary has been voted Best of Long Island 2010 (with colleagues) and Best Acupuncturist in Queens 2013 (solo) at 3 Elements Healing Arts Center. In 2015 Mary spent a month at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas training in their famous Teacher Training Program earning her the title of Yoga Siromani (teacher of yoga). She has since been sharing and implementing the knowledge learned there with her clients with great results.