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Energy Medicine

The following healing experiences are carefully curated Acupuncture sessions that address our most commonly treated imbalances here at Wolf Moon. These sessions fuse Acupuncture with a variety of other healing modalities like sound healing, essential oils, organic herbal infusions, manual therapy and medicinal crystal placement.

Reiki & Intuitive Messages:
60 Minutes $110 A full body Reiki energy healing session to balance your chakra centers and sooth your soul - followed by psychic messages from your spirit guides, guardian angels and/or crossed over loved ones channeled in by our Energy

Crystal Connection Additional $10 Medicinal Crystals and minerals sourced from around the world will be placed on your energy centers. Your frequency will be positively affected as it harmonizes with Mother Earths healing treasures

Sound Healing Additional $10 We will infuse the above session with Singing Bowls, Drums, Tuning Forks, Chimes, Rattles and Rainsticks to create a truly vibrational experience.

Ritual Cleanse Additional $10 Add a blaze of fire and herbs to your session and allow negative energy and entities to float away on smoke trails to the sky.

The Works! $140 All of the above fused into the ultimate energy tune up. If you know, then you know.

Why study Reiki with Mary Laznovsky?


All life is animated by a particular form of energy. This energy is the power that acts and lives in all created matter. This energy has been called many names by many cultures. Qi in China. Prana in India. Ruach in Hebrew. The Polynesian Hunas call it Mana. The Native American Iroquois call it Orenda...No matter the nomenclature, the existence of this energy is acknowledged and revered across the globe.

In Japan, where Reiki originates, this energy is named Ki.

We will be learning about the way Ki circulates and animates our physical and energetic bodies and we will be learning physical and energetic practices that will enable us to bring more of this energy into ourselves. Together with our knowledge and our practice we will create opportunity for ourselves and others to experience healing.

Reiki is medicine of the Heart.

Many medicinal models are from the intelligence of the mind.

What sets Reiki apart is that Reiki is born from the intelligence of the Heart. It involves not a “doing” but a “being”— a complete surrender to this gentle yet potent energy.

Mary feels that while it’s important to teach Reiki; pass on the history, precepts and principles, unless the student experiences the energy of Reiki for themselves, they will not fall in love with it.

And she wants you to fall in love.

With Reiki and with yourself.

The Reiki journey is a ascent into Love.

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In addition to all Attunements for Reiki First Degree, you will also learn:

  • What is Reiki, it’s history and it’s precepts for practicing
  • The Five Principles of Reiki- spiritual compass with which to guide your emotional and physical evolution and wellbeing
  • Chakra Theory and Yin Yang Theory
  • Hand Activation for increasing sensitivity in the palms
  • Hand Placement for Self Reiki plus a guided in-class session
  • Hand Placement for Reiki session for friends and family
  • Reiki for Pets and Animals
  • Reiki for Plants
  • Reiki for Food, Water, Medication and Supplements
  • Reiki for Money and Abundance
  • Grounding and Cleansing Self Care Practices
  • You will receive your certificate of completion at the end of class.

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Your journey into Reiki healing begins in Reiki 1 and is deepened and further empowered in Reiki Second Degree. You will learn how to activate the main three Reiki symbols; the power symbol, the harmony symbol and the symbol to create healing over distance or time and space.

In addition to the symbols we will be deep diving into the Chakra energy system. We will be learning comprehensive diagnostic and treatment protocols to enact healing in these centers through Reiki methods plus meditation, crystal, sound and essential oil therapy.

At this level you will be given all the tools necessary to become a fully developed personal or professional practitioner.

Read more/less Reiki 2 Curriculum includes:
  • Introduction to Reiki 3 symbols:
  • The Power Symbol
  • The Harmony Symbol
  • The Distance Symbol
  • Various Ways to Activate the Symbols for Reiki Treatment and Spiritual Development
  • Practical Applications of Symbols in Daily Life for Protection, Food and Drink, Future Self Energy and Inner Child Healing
  • Chapters on 7 Main In-Body Chakras:
    • Root
    • Sacral
    • Solar Plexus
    • Heart
    • Throat
    • Third Eye
    • Crown

Plus Soul Star Chakra, Stellar Gateway and Earth Star Chakra

We will develop a deeper understand into the physical and mental/emotional aspects of the Reiki hand positions and allow time for practical observation and practice of treatment with others.

This course includes all Attunements for Reiki 2 and you will receive your certificate at the end of class.

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