Find answers to common technical issues with our online learning platform.

    I can't see the course I purchased.

    You can see all the courses we offer on this page, See Courses. Be sure to hit the "Take Course" button to officially enroll.

    How do I add a new course?

    When you register for a new course, be sure to "add a new membership". Do not modify your existing membership.

    My completion certificate shows the wrong name.

    Your Certificate of Completion displays your first and last name according to your account settings.
    Click here to go the My Account page and edit your first and last name.

    I can't see the course content.

    Make sure to click the "Take This Course" button in order to officially begin your course. This button tells us that you have officially started the course.

    Have you lost access to your course?
    Have you lost progress on your course?
    Something else?

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