High Blood Pressure: Is a Long Term Low Salt Diet the Answer?

by John Laznovsky The Wolf of Wellness April 4, 2024 If you have high blood pressure (BP) or know someone with high BP, you’ve probably heard that you should follow a low salt diet to reduce your blood sodium levels because it will help to lower BP. There is ample evidence to indicate that this strategy works quite well in … Read More

Alkalized Water: Does it meet the hype?

by John Laznovsky The Wolf of Wellness February 10, 2024 Is it good to drink alkalized water? Should you go alkaline? These are two questions that we’ve been asked repeatedly throughout the years, so we decided to break them down and answer these questions for you. In order to properly answer these questions we need to have an understanding of … Read More

The Saturated Fat and Dietary Cholesterol Misconception

by John Laznovsky The Wolf of Wellness April 22, 2022 It can be stated that the vast majority of curriculums centered around medical sciences and health sciences have been teaching students for decades that foods higher in saturated fat and dietary cholesterol such as red meat, organ meats, eggs etc., are a direct link to heart disease and should be … Read More