The Mechanics of Respiration

Breathing is something we take for granted every day yet poor function of the lungs causes a myriad of issues. In this lesson, learn how we can address common issues. Pass this lesson’s quiz with a score of 80% or higher to proceed.

In The Mechanics of Respiration, you will learn:

  • Follow the passage of air into the lungs and the structures involved.
  • The three types of respiration.
  • The muscles of inspiration and the dynamics of the rib cage.
  • The muscles of expiration and the dynamics of the rib cage. 
  • Pathological issues associated with improper breathing patterns.
  • How poor posture affects the respiratory system.
  • A thorough respiratory assessment to address blockages or impairments in the rib cage and inverted breathing patterns.
  • The Respiratory Relief Corrective Program.
  • Learn how to release specific blockages or impairments in the rib cage through corrective stretches and mobilizations.
  • List Element
  • In-depth instruction on proper diaphragmatic breathing and three advanced breath work techniques to help correct inverted breathing problems, reduce the metabolic costs of breathing and super charge your body.